Dr. Ciaravino’s Latest Procedure Could Improve Your Workouts A LOT

Published on October 24, 2017 by
miradry patient

If you workout on a regular basis, then you know what it’s like to sweat. Even a daily walk can cause you to perspire, depending on the temperature. When you sweat profusely, it almost seems as though nothing will keep your body from producing it. Not even antiperspirants can keep you dry.

While sweating is a natural part of exerting energy, it can be annoying, especially if sweat stains appear on your clothing. Sweat also comes with body odor, which can make you feel self-conscious if you’re working out in public.

Exercising is a time for you to focus, not worry about the sweat plaguing your body. To keep you confident while working out, Dr. Ciaravino may recommend his latest procedure: MiraDry.

Where Does the Sweat Go?

MiraDry uses microwave technology to eliminate sweat glands in the underarm. The non-invasive treatment penetrates through the skin to the glands, heating them to a point of destruction. After just one treatment, you should notice a significant reduction in sweat.

The sweat glands in your underarms make up only two percent of the glands located throughout your body. Although the glands in your underarms will disappear, your body is still capable of regulating its temperature without them. MiraDry is completely safe and highly effective, producing noticeable results in one hour-long procedure

Because the sweat glands are gone, so too is the body odor you experience. Not only will your shirts remain dry, but they will also continue to smell fresh throughout the day. Even after a heavy workout, you will not be soaked in sweat or masked in body odor.

Is MiraDry for Someone Like You?

MiraDry is designed to treat excessive sweating, which is medically known as hyperhidrosis, but the treatment is equally effective in those who want to limit the amount they sweat on an everyday basis.

MiraDry is capable of treating those with a medical condition as well as people who are constantly active but don’t want sweat getting in their way. It’s ideal for a variety of patients who, ultimately, want to feel more confident about their bodies.

Receiving MiraDry treatment is a matter of consulting with Dr. Ciaravino, who can examine your underarms and sweat glands to determine whether the treatment will work for you. The procedure takes place right within Dr. Ciaravino’s office.

The handheld device that emits microwave energy is contoured to fit the shape of your underarm, allowing it to efficiently target as many sweat glands as possible. Before your treatment beings, you will receive a topical anesthetic that limits the amount of discomfort you feel.

After your treatment, you may experience some mild side effects like swelling and tenderness under the arms, but you should still be able to return to your normal routine the same day. You may require a second treatment to eliminate sweat altogether, but Dr. Ciaravino can recommend the proper dosage of treatments for your unique case.

If you’re ready to workout in style without any fear of sweat getting in your way, contact Ciaravino Total Beauty at 713-627-1200 and schedule a consultation.