Breast augmentation Pre-Op and Post-op Questions

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When you undergo breast augmentation with Dr. Ciaravino, you will have several appointments, both before and after your surgery. These are done so that you know what Dr. Ciaravino will do, as well as what is expected of you. They are so you can recover completely and be happy with the results of your breast augmentation surgery.

The reason you will meet with Dr. Ciaravino before your breast augmentation surgery, or your pre-op, is to go over the size and placement of your breast implants. You will also receive instructions on the medication you will need to purchase, directions on the facility, recommendations on showering, and you will receive supplies you need after your surgery.

Once you have undergone breast augmentation, you will have another appointment with Dr. Ciaravino. This is called your post-op appointment. During your post-op, Dr. Ciaravino will make sure you are healing correctly. You will also go over aftercare instructions during this time.

By following instructions given in your pre-op and post-op appointments, you will feel more comfortable and confident in the breast augmentation process.

If you have any other questions about what you should expect during your appointments before and after your breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Ciaravino, please contact his office in Houston, Texas today.