Are Silicone Gel Implants Safe?

Even though the Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to silicone breast implants in 2006, many women interested in breast augmentation still have questions about the safety of silicone gel implants.

Silicone gel breast implants
are safe. The FDA has determined that silicone breast implants used today do not threaten the health of any breast implant patient. You also need to know that silicone breast implants used today are much better built than the ones in the past that made the news over fear of their safety.

Dr. Ciaravino cares about your health and the safety of the products used in breast augmentation. He recommends silicone breast implants over saline breast implants because they offer a more natural appearance and feel. Thousands of patients of Dr. Ciaravino have undergone breast augmentation with silicone breast implants and have not ever had a problem. Nor are there any breast implants for these patients in the foreseeable future.

The main risk, and worry for some, is that the silicone breast implant will rupture. While it is important that you pay attention to this possibility, you should not worry about your overall health if your silicone breast implant ruptures. Silicone gel is cohesive and will not migrate into your body, but stay within the implant’s shell. The FDA suggests women with silicone breast implants receive MRIs periodically to check on the status of the implant.
If your breast implant has ruptured, consult with Dr. Ciaravino to have it taken care of.

If you are interested in getting silicone breast implants and are in the Houston, Texas area, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Ciaravino today.