Your Options in Breast Surgery

Published on March 19, 2018 by
breast augmentation patient

The breasts are a focal point of the female body, which is why many of our patients at Ciaravino Total Beauty come to our office for breast enhancement. Fortunately, Dr. Ciaravino can deliver, with extensive experience and expertise that has dubbed him the “Breast Doc” in the Houston area and beyond. Whether you want to enlarge, reposition or reduce your breasts to create a more beautiful feminine contour, Dr. Ciaravino can help you realize your aesthetic goals. With a variety of procedures to choose from, you can select the surgery that will meet your needs and desired results best.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation consists of enlarging the breasts with synthetic implants in most cases. Augmentation is the most performed surgical procedure at Ciaravino Total Beauty, with Dr. Ciaravino performing hundreds of breast enlargements each year. His extensive work in this area gives you peace-of-mind in knowing you will be under the highest level of care and skill when you choose to have your breast surgery at our office.

Breast augmentation is a versatile, customizable procedure with the goal of producing natural, beautiful results. Dr. Ciaravino has perfected techniques that minimize incisions and post-operative scarring while enhancing the precision of the implant placement. Through these techniques, you can rest assured your new breasts will meet your expectations with results that make you feel more self-confident.

Breast Reduction

While many women are looking to increase their breast size, others struggle with the embarrassment and physical pain of heavy, pendulous breasts. For these women, breast reduction offers the opportunity to sculpt a more proportionate figure while reducing symptoms such as back and neck pain and skin irritation. In addition to reducing the size of the breasts, this procedure can reduce the size of the areolas and move them to a more attractive position when appropriate.

Breast reduction is typically associated with longer incisions and more scarring than breast augmentation, but new techniques are being developed to improve the post-operative appearance. Dr. Ciaravino uses the latest methods in his breast reduction procedures to provide his patients with the best possible results.

Breast Lift

Even if you are satisfied with the size of your breasts, changes over time can give you an aged, drooping look in your upper body profile. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and significant weight fluctuations can cause the breasts to begin to sag over time. Even the passage of time can lead to skin laxity that results in drooping breasts that make you self-conscious about your appearance. For these women, a breast lift can restore the breasts to their original position on the chest, producing a more youthful, perky profile.

The best candidates for a breast lift are women with elongated breasts, breasts that are hanging low on the chest or nipples that point downward. A breast lift can also restore symmetry when one breast is hanging lower than the other. This surgery is frequently combined with breast augmentation, but it can also produce superior results when performed alone in the right patient.

Breast Revision

When you choose an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon for your breast surgery, chances are you will be happy with your results. However, some women find their procedure did not meet their expectations or complications after surgery affected the outcome. Even if your breast surgery went well, changes in your body could impact your results years later. In these situations, breast revision surgery may be needed to correct issues and restore the appearance of your breasts to a more attractive contour.

Dr. Ciaravino offers breast revision surgery for a variety of reasons, including to exchange implants for a different type or size or replace implants that have ruptured. His advanced techniques in this procedure provide patients with superior results even when the most challenging complications are present, such as bottoming out of the implant or implants that were spaced too far apart. With Dr. Ciaravino’s help, you can restore a beautiful look to your breasts and eliminate any uncomfortable symptoms that might have arisen after your implants were placed.

Your breasts are a significant factor in your feminine appearance, so it makes sense you want them to look and feel their absolute best at every stage of life. No matter what your aesthetic goals might be, Dr. Ciaravino and his staff will work with you to help you realize them as closely as possible. With extensive experience and expertise in all types of breast enhancement, you can result assured your procedure with Dr. Ciaravino will be safe, comfortable and beautiful. To learn more about your choices in breast enhancement, contact Ciaravino Total Beauty today at 713-627-1200.