Buttock Augmentation

Thanks to curvaceous celebrities like J. Lo and Kim Kardashian, the desire to have a full, round butt is bigger than ever.

Buttock augmentation is a procedure designed to reshape and enhance the gluteal region. It is used to create a rounder, firmer, more lifted butt and make one’s figure curvy and proportional. Butt augmentation can enhance a bottom that appears flat or sagging due to age or weight loss or enlarge one that is naturally lacking. Improving the size and shape of the butt provides a healthy, youthful appearance that looks better in swimsuits and in (or out) of clothing.

Two frequently used techniques to reshape and enlarge the buttocks are autologous fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) and Gluteal implant surgery. In our practice, the preferred method is fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift).

The Brazilian Butt lift involves removing your own fatty tissue from one area and transferring the it to the butt. First, liposuction is performed to remove the necessary fatty tissue from one or more areas of the body (usually abdomen, hips, or thighs). The fat is then processed for transfer. Typically, only a few small incisions are necessary to inject the fat through a syringe. The fat is transferred in layers to provide a smooth, even contour. The incisions are closed with sutures and a compression garment is applied and worn for the recovery process.

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