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Breast Asymmetry Houston

Breast asymmetry is a condition in which one breast is different than the other in size, shape, or both. This condition affects every woman, as no two breasts are exactly alike. If the asymmetry is extreme, it can be corrected with a customized breast surgery to create balanced breast size and shape.

Your breasts – are they different in size and shape?

A woman’s breasts are never identical but, in most cases, the differences are minimal and not noticeable. However, some women have significant differences that can lead to self-consciousness about their appearance. Breast asymmetry is a condition in which one breast is noticeably different than the other when it comes to size, shape or position.

The volume of one breast may be larger than the other, or the location of the nipples or the fold beneath the breast may be different. Some women may find the tightness of the skin varies between the breast, causing one to be firmer than the other. Others may have a chest bone that is sunken or raised on one side of the body, leading to different positioning of the breasts.

It's more than annoying, it’s embarrassing.

Asymmetrical breasts can affect how your clothing fits, your appearance and your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are ways to correct this issue and restore balance and harmony to the upper body profile. Dr. Kriti Mohan is an expert in breast enhancement. She is qualified to help you address any asymmetries you may have, creating natural, beautiful breasts that will help restore your confidence in your body.

Breast Asymmetry Houston

It may be caused by nature.

A female’s breast may naturally develop at different rates, but the difference in size sometimes does not even out once adulthood is reached. Although the exact cause of these developmental differences is unknown, hormonal changes, traumatic injuries and underlying medical or skeletal conditions may cause breast asymmetry.

For example, tubular breasts, a condition that typically develops in one or both breasts at puberty, can result in breasts that are significantly different in size and shape.

To correct asymmetrical breasts that result from developmental differences, our practice can augment or reduce one of the breasts to bring it in line with the other. Correction can also be made on both breasts if necessary, such as enlarging one and reducing the other simultaneously to produce a more naturally proportionate look.

If there is a variance in breast projection (often due to variations in the chest wall), different profiles and sizes in implants can be utilized to produce a more balanced appearance. This procedure is entirely customizable your individual needs.

When breast augmentation was performed poorly.

Women go into a breast augmentation procedure with high expectations for their results. Unfortunately, those expectations are not always realized due to substandard surgical technique, improper implant selection or poor placement of the implants.

Correcting a botched augmentation

Poorly performed breast augmentation surgery may cause breast asymmetry or make minor asymmetry that was present before surgery that much worse. Surgical techniques designed to revise the breast implant pocket, such as capsulorrhaphy or capsulectomy, are frequently used to correct breast asymmetry after a previous breast augmentation.

How do you fix breast asymmetry?

Options abound in any breast enhancement. Correction of asymmetry is no exception. These variables allow our team to adjust the procedure to your unique needs and body proportions to create a truly individualized look. Some of the choices you may make in preparation of your surgery might include:

Implant Type

While silicone implants tend to be the one preferred by the majority of patients, our practice also offers the option of saline when appropriate. Both implants are comprised of a silicone shell that may be textured or smooth. The shell is either filled with a sterile saline solution or a silicone gel. Saline implants are filled once they are placed in the breast pocket, while silicone comes pre-filled. Dr. Mohan will help you select the implant that will produce the best outcome for you.

Implant size and shape

Both saline and silicone implants come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of body proportions. Implants are either round or anatomical (teardrop-shaped). Both shapes feature their advantages and drawbacks. Dr. Mohan will use her expertise to determine the right implant to help you achieve your desired look.

Implant profile

Implant profile describes how the implant will extend from the chest wall. Some implants have a broader base and lower profile, while others may offer more projection. The profile will be particularly crucial if your asymmetry is due to an irregularity in the chest wall. In some cases, different profiles may be used on each breast to balance the silhouette.

Implant placement

Where the implants are placed will also affect the final look. Implants may be located above the chest muscle and underneath the breast tissue, known as subglandular placement. The other option is to place the implants beneath a portion of the chest muscle, which is referred to as submuscular placement. Positioning is dependent on a variety of factors, all of which our practice will cover with you before your surgery.

How does fixing breast asymmetry work?

Breast asymmetry correction is performed as an outpatient procedure using either IV sedation or general anesthesia. Incisions will vary based on the revision to be done. If the surgery is to correct a previous breast augmentation, Dr. Mohan will make every effort to use the same incision sites to minimize post-operative scarring. Throughout the operation, she will also employ techniques to reduce trauma to the body for a quicker, more comfortable recovery process whenever possible.

How long will the surgery take to complete?

Breast asymmetry correction can take anywhere from one to three hours to complete. No drains are used during our doctor’s procedures and dissolvable sutures are selected to close incisions, so you will not have to return for stitch removal after surgery.

Breast Asymmetry Houston

An easy recovery – it matters to us!

You may experience some bruising and swelling after their procedure, but it is generally less than what is experienced after surgeries performed by other plastic surgeons due to our doctor’s advanced techniques. Recovery usually takes a week or two before you are ready to return to your regular activities, including work. Strenuous exercise can generally be resumed within four to six weeks, once the breasts have time to heal fully.

Beautiful Results Patient Models

Beautiful Results Before & After

Beautiful Results Before & After

You can achieve peace of mind about your breasts, at last.

Asymmetrical breasts can be a significant source of embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. Our doctor’s extensive experience in this area ensures his patients can meet their aesthetic goals of balance and proportion while enjoying natural, beautiful results.

Dr. Mohan is known for her excellence in the field of breast enhancement that exceeds that of most plastic surgeons across the country, giving our patients peace-of-mind in knowing they will receive the highest level of care and superior results. To schedule your consultation with us, contact CIARAVINO Total Beauty today at 713.627.1200.


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