Breast Asymmetry

What are asymmetric breasts?

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Breast asymmetry is a condition where one breast is different than the other in terms of size, shape, or position. The volume of one breast may be larger than the other, the skin may vary in tightness and cause one to be firmer than its opposite, or the chest bone may be sunken or raised and position one breast higher and the other lower. Also, the location of the nipples or the fold beneath the breast may be different.

The following are the most common causes of breast asymmetry and how they can be corrected:

Developmental Differences

A female’s breasts may naturally develop at different rates, but the difference in size sometimes does not even out after adulthood is reached. Although the exact cause of these developmental differences is unknown, hormonal changes, traumatic injuries, and underlying medical or skeletal conditions may cause natural breast asymmetry. To correct asymmetrical breasts that result from developmental differences, Dr. Ciaravino can augment one breast, reduce one breast, or both to make them as close as possible to the same size, shape, and position. If there is variance in breast projection, a different implant size or profile for each breast may be needed.

Poorly Performed Breast Augmentation Surgery

Unfortunately, substandard surgical technique, improper implant selection, or poor placement may result in breasts that appear uneven. Poorly performed breast augmentation surgery may cause breast asymmetry or even make a minor asymmetry worse. Surgical techniques designed to revise the breast implant pocket, such as capsulorrhaphy or capsulectomy, are frequently used to correct breast asymmetry after a previous breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Complications

Capsular contracture, bottoming out, rupture, and other complications that can occur after breast augmentation with implants may also cause breast asymmetry. These complications are generally corrected using specific techniques that are tailored to each condition. For more information on how a particular complication can be corrected, please visit our specific page that explains the complication.

Dr. Ciaravino commonly performs breast surgery for patients with significant differences between their breasts who wish to improve symmetry as well as their quality of life. Dr. Ciaravino has treated many women with breast asymmetry, and his experience has enabled him make great improvements in even the most challenging asymmetry cases.

If you are concerned about breast asymmetry or are now experiencing this complication, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon and breast revision specialist Dr. Michael Ciaravino by calling (713) 627-1200 or filling out our online contact form today.