Breast Implant Warranty

Many women realize that breast implants are not meant to last forever. But it may be a surprise to hear that the Saline breast implants and Silicone Breast Implants come with a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime warranty provided by Mentor, the implant manufacture, will provide a new set of both implants at no charge financially if a breast implant ruptures (silicone) or the breast implant deflates (saline). If the tear or leak occurs in the first 10 years, Mentor will provide financial assistance for the operating room, anesthesia, and surgical fees associated with replacement surgery.

The warranties vary based on the type of breast implant:

Every new pair of Mentor silicone gel breast implants come with a warranty called Mentor Premier Advantage. This gives lifetime product replacement (new silicone memory gel breast implants) if there is a break in the shell. Mentor will also provide up to $3500 financial assistance for surgery costs if this occurs in the first 10 years after the initial surgery. There is no charge for this warranty.

For saline breast implants, Mentor provides a replacement pair of saline breast implants for the lifetime of the implants in the event of a leak or rupture. The Mentor Standard Advantage warranty also provides $1200 financial aid for the first 10 years. For $100 extra, Mentor has an Optional Enhanced Advantage Warranty which increases the amount of financial assistance coverage to $2400.

The breast implant warranties only cover for shell damage, leakage or deflation. Mentor does not cover other complications such as infection, hematoma, capsular contracture, or malposition. Dr. Ciaravino can provide more information about the warranty options.

If you have made the decision to have a breast augmentation, or your current breast implants have leaked or ruptured, please contact Houston Texas Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Ciaravino to schedule a consultation to discuss the breast augmentation procedure and breast implant warranty options.