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Labiaplasty is designed to address both aesthetic and functional concerns in the vaginal area, giving patients increased comfort, a younger-looking appearance, and a more positive outlook on life.

Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and aging all play a role in the texture and firmness of the labia. Beyond the cosmetic concerns, sagging labia lips are known to cause chafing and irritation, negatively impact sexual function, and diminish self-consciousness because of their misshapen appearance. Labiaplasty is a procedure designed to provide relief from these issues, allowing women to once again partake in the activities that bring them joy.

What is Labiaplasty?

The reasons that drive women to seek out a Labiaplasty are varied. Some patients are dealing with overly large labia lips that inhibit their ability to enjoy exercise or sexual intimacy. Others are struggling with issues such as chafing and irritation, as well as more limited wardrobe choices. Whatever the issue may be, labiaplasty is able to effectively treat issues with the labia that have led to a change in quality of life.

What issues call for Labiaplasty?

Labia minora hypertrophy, a condition that occurs due to factors such as genetics, aging, weight fluctuations, or childbirth, is often at the root of these issues. It is characterized by sagging of the inner labia lips below the outer labia lips, causing irritation and chafing. It impedes the patient’s ability to move comfortably during exercise and sex. Nonetheless, some women seek out the procedure purely for cosmetic reasons.

Labiaplasty is able to:

  • Reduce the size of overly large labia lips
  • Address asymmetry in the labia
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Ward off changes due to aging, pregnancy, and weight loss
  • Mitigate feelings of discomfort and irritation
  • Help the patient partake in activities and sports
  • Increase sexual pleasure
  • Revitalize the aesthetic of the vagina

What Are the Benefits of Labiaplasty?

  • Addresses asymmetry of the labia
  • Excess labia skin is excised
  • The patient experiences increased physical comfort
  • The capacity for sexual pleasure is greatly increased
  • Changes due to aging can be addressed
  • Lost sensation of the labia is restored
  • Patients have increased clothing options to add to their wardrobe
  • Patients experience a boost in self-confidence

Am I a good candidate for Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a great option for patients who:

  • Are of sound body and mind
  • Are non-smokers or are willing to quit at least temporarily
  • Have realistic expectations for the results of the procedure
  • Are experiencing discomfort, irritation, or chafing due to overly large labia
  • Are displeased with the asymmetrical or misshapen appearance of their labia
  • Have experienced changes in the body due to aging, weight fluctuations, or childbirth

Labiaplasty Recovery

After receiving a Labiaplasty, it is not uncommon for patients to experience minor soreness, but this can be easily mitigated by using prescription pain medications provided by the surgeon. Mild swelling and bruising may also occur following the treatment, but this will gradually fade away over the course of a few weeks. Most patients are recommended to take at least one week off from work and refrain from having sex and engaging in strenuous activities for at least 4-6 weeks unless advised otherwise by their practitioner.

Labiaplasty Results

While many patients experience minor swelling that can last for as long as six months, improvement in this area usually starts to become noticeable by the six-week mark following the procedure. Labiaplasty comes with very little visible scarring because the incisions are made within the natural folds of the labia, keeping them hidden from vision. This area usually heals smoothly. Beyond the tangible benefits of this procedure are enhanced self-confidence, improved self-image, increased joy in being able to perform fun and engaging activities, and increased sexual pleasure.

Why Choose Us?

A master at her craft, Dr. Kriti Mohan is known for attaining remarkable results. Having trained in one of the most highly-renowned medical centers in the world with experts in various forms of breast surgery, she has become known as a leading practitioner in the field of breast surgery. This experience, coupled with her mentorship under Dr. Ciaravino, catapulted her to new heights, allowing her to embark on new journeys in the world of cosmetology that have given her the expertise she has today. Her perfectionism and incredible attention to detail have helped her in achieving outstanding results for patients in the greater Houston area.

Like most surgeons, Dr. Mohan was raised with a profound respect for art, beauty, fashion, and design. While these attributes could have led her down many paths, her deep understanding of science and passion for helping others eventually led her on a path to medical school and a career in plastic surgery.

Her lengthy education includes an undergraduate career studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Boston College and Rutgers University, as well as a minor in Art History, which included a summer abroad at the University of Manchester in England. Since then, she has expanded her knowledge and expertise in various procedures, including the powerful labiaplasty. Her commitment to patient satisfaction is unmatched.


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