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The face is not the only area where you may begin to notice signs of aging. The backs of the hands are also exposed to UV rays and other environmental factors that can lead to changes in the skin’s appearance. Collagen loss may cause the skin to thin, resulting in more prominent veins. Because the skin in this area is already more fragile, the changes can occur here even earlier than in the face. Brown spots, known as age or liver spots, can also form, exacerbating the aged look in this area.

Fortunately, there are skin treatments to rejuvenate the backs of the hands as well as the face. One of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of brown spots and create a smoother, healthier look to the skin is broadband light therapy or BBL. BBL is offered at CIARAVINO Total Beauty to provide our patients a nonsurgical approach to reversing the signs of aging on both the face and hands.

What is Broadband Light Therapy?

Broadband light treatments use pulses of light delivered into the dermal layers to produce positive changes to the skin. The light heats the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which in turn creates a more youthful complexion. At the same time, the light wavelengths target substances that cause discoloration, such as the melanin that leads to brown spots or blood inside visible vessels, to eliminate these imperfections.

The light does not disrupt the outer dermal layers, which means there is no downtime after treatment. In fact, you will be able to return to your regular activities right after treatment, with little visible indication you just had a procedure performed. This procedure is particularly effective on the backs of the hands, minimizing the appearance of age spots while producing a smoother more even skin tone overall.

Rejuvenating the Genes

While BBL offers quick cosmetic results for most of our patients, recent research suggests the benefits are more far-reaching than we first thought. Stanford University researchers have discovered in two different studies that regular BBL treatments may alter the molecular makeup of the skin cells to reverse the aging process. The first study found that just three BBL treatments rejuvenated the genes inside the skin cells, making them behave like much younger cells. The second revealed that two to four BBL treatments yearly slow or stop the aging process in the skin, allowing you to maintain your youthful glow much longer.

Broadband Light Therapy Houston

How it Works

A BBL treatment is performed in our office in less than one hour. Most patients do fine without any anesthetic, but a numbing cream can be applied upon request. If you choose to have the area numbed beforehand, you will need to allow for an additional 45 minutes to give the anesthetic time to take effect. An applicator is placed on the skin, which delivers the light pulses without penetrating the outer dermis in any way. You may feel gentle snapping as the machine works, which patients often compare to a rubber band snap against the skin. An integrated cooling system ensures your skin remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the procedure.

Recovery Tips

After your BBL treatment, the skin on the backs of your hands may be red and slight tender, similar to a sunburn. Those side effects will only last for a few hours in most cases. You will be instructed to avoid direct UV exposure to the treatment area to prevent complications. Our staff may also recommend skincare products for you to use in the area to promote healing and enhance your results.

You might notice the brown spots that were treated darken in the days following your procedure. Darkening usually occurs before they flake away, leaving clearer skin in their wake. The skin may look and feel smoother immediately following your treatment, but these results will likely continue to improve in the following days and weeks.

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