Before and After Your Surgery

breast augmentation patient

After completing your initial consultation with Dr. Ciaravino and his staff, you should have a clear understanding of the surgical options and your potential to achieve your appearance goals. The next step is to schedule your surgery date with Sarah, our patient coordinator. We will see you again the office a week prior to surgery for a pre-op visit where we will review the surgical plan, make your breast implant selection, and take photographs. During this visit you will also receive prescriptions for medication, consent forms, and a surgical bra. You will receive specific instructions for things to avoid before surgery such as aspirin and smoking and be advised not to eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery.

During Your Procedure

Your surgery will be performed in our certified outpatient center under the care of board-certified anesthesiologists and extremely qualified OR personnel, many of whom have been part of the Ciaravino Team for years. You will be carefully monitored throughout the procedure to ensure your safety and comfort. Dr. Ciaravino’s precise technique lets surgery proceed in a very smooth and efficient manner. You will be asleep and completely comfortable during the procedure. His surgical skill and expertise allows him to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results that look good even in the operating room.

After Surgery

One of the greatest benefits Dr. Ciaravino’s patients receive is a much easier, comfortable recovery. Following surgery, you will be monitored in the recovery room until you are completely awake and alert. Because of his gentle technique, there is no need for drainage tubes or wraps. Instead, you are placed in a stylish surgical bra. A long-lasting pain reliever placed around the implant, as well as a muscle relaxant and pain medication, helps to minimize discomfort. Most patients are feeling good and are ready for discharge after a brief observation period.

At home, patients are instructed to perform frequent breast massage to keep the breasts soft and to prevent scar formation. The majority of women can be off of pain medication and  back to their normal routine (with some limitations, of course) in a matter of days. We see you in the office a few days after surgery for a follow-up visit and again at three months for post-op photos. All sutures are dissolvable and hidden beneath the skin, so there are no stitches to remove.

To learn more about what to expect before, during, and after breast augmentation please contact Dr. Ciaravino for an initial consultation. We serve the Houston and Sugar Land, Texas area, as well as patients world-wide.