What is “Bottoming out”?

breast implants bottoming out“Bottoming out” is a term used to describe when breast implants move downward and become positioned too low on the chest wall. This causes an abnormal appearance where the breast implant extends below the lower breast fold, the upper portion of the breast lacks fullness, and the nipples appear too high. Bottoming out is one of the more common problems that can occur following breast augmentation.

Why does “Bottoming out” occur?

There are a number of reasons why bottoming out occurs. In most cases, there is a lack strength and support of the lower breast that allows the implant to move below the boundaries of the natural breast. The most common cause of “Bottoming out” is using too large of a breast implant for that individual patient. When the breast implant is too large, heavy, or wide for the patients anatomy to support, it will move down and out…. thus the term “Bottoming out.”

Characteristerics of the patients anatomy such a weak or undefined inframammary crease (breast fold), skin laxity or tightness, muscle position and strength, and chest wall structure all play a significant role. Surgical technique with over-dissection of the pocket can also contribute to this problem.

How do you correct “Bottoming out”?

Correcting breast implants that have “bottomed out” can be extremely difficult. The highest likelihood for success can be achieved by plastic surgeons who have a lot of experience handling these challenging cases. As a breast augmentation revision specialist, Dr. Ciaravino has extensive experience and a very high level of success correcting “bottoming out.” Although each case must be individualized, Dr. Ciaravino’s surgical technique usually involves reconstructing the inframammary crease (lower breast fold), using permanent sutures to revise the “pocket” or space where the breast implants are located ( with a technique known as “capsulorraphy”), and repositioning the breast implants in a higher and closer position to restore cleavage and shape.

Don’t let “Bottoming out” get you down!

If you have breast implants that are “down and out ” and in need of repair, call our office to schedule your appointment today. Dr. Ciaravino can get your breasts “up and in” where they belong….. (isn’t that uplifting news?)