Breast Implant Revision

While most women who have breast implants are extremely happy with their appearance, some wish to improve their results. A large portion of Houston breast surgeon Dr. Ciaravino’s practice is dedicated to breast implant revisions, which are specialized procedures designed to improve the results of previous breast surgery.

As a national leader in revision breast augmentation, Houston breast surgeon Dr. Ciaravino has helped patients from all over the world who had implants placed by other surgeons. Using advanced corrective techniques, he is able to improve their breast size, shape, symmetry, and feel.

The most common revision procedures include:

  • Implant exchange – This involves removing existing implants and replacing them with new ones. It is commonly performed for women who want to change their current implant size, replace old implants, or minimize implant visibility or rippling. In many instances, this will involve changing implant position from on top of the muscle (sub-glandular) to beneath the muscle (sub-pectoral) or changing from saline to silicone.
  • Capsulectomy/Capsulotomy – These corrective breast surgery procedures involve removing scar tissue (capsulectomy) or making incisions in the scar tissue (capsulotomy) that surrounds the implant to produce a softer, more natural appearance and feel.
  • Capsulorrhaphy – This advanced breast surgery technique is used to reposition breast implants that are either too far apart (“laterally displaced”), too close (“symmastia”) or too low (“bottomed out”). Tacking sutures are placed within the breast capsule to reconstruct the implant pocket or space.
  • Percutaneous Implant Deflation – this is a procedure where we intentionally deflate the saline implants in the office. This allows the skin and tissue to shrink and tighten prior to surgery. Dr. Ciaravino has been using this technique for years and has found it very beneficial for our patients. It is a simple, noninvasive procedure done right here in our office approximately a month prior to your surgery. A good candidate for the deflation process is a patient with saline implants that are too big or malpositioned.

    Learn more about Percutaneous Implant Deflation

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  • Learn more about Percutaneous Implant Deflation.

Houston breast surgeon Dr. Ciaravino uses his own techniques to make tremendous improvement in these challenging cases. As each patient is unique, Dr. Ciaravino will design a customized plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

If you are unhappy with your breast implant procedure, and believe you will benefit from having breast implant revision surgery, please contact Dr. Ciaravino today. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, he can perform your breast augmentation revision with superior results. Dr. Ciaravino serves the Houston and Sugar Land, Texas area.

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