Percutaneous Implant Deflation

Do you currently have saline implants and want an implant exchange?
Are your implants too big or uneven?

If so we have a procedure that will help you get the most ideal result.

The procedure is called a Percutaneous Implant Deflation, and basically the deflation is done by injecting a small area at the bottom of the bilateral breast and numbing it with lidocaine. A tiny needle is used to puncture the implant. A suction is used to remove the saline from the implant. Ointment and band aids along with an ace wrap for compression is applied. There is little to no down time and you may resume normal activity immediately following deflation. It’s recommended you wear a compression wrap or some type of compression garment up until your surgery.

This is an ideal option for patients that are…

  • Asymmetric
  • Had an implant rupture
  • Wanting to downsize
  • Uncertain if a lift is necessary
  • Unsure of current implant volume
  • Bottomed Out
  • Laterally Displaced

Before & Afters

Patient 5145

before implant deflationafter implant deflation


Patient 5138

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