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Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat from various body areas with a suction process. This fat removal process has advanced in recent years, with modern methods such as tumescent liposuction proving to be far easier on the patient, with a faster recovery and smoother results.

Tired of seeing fat on your body? We can help.

You exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, but still are not happy with areas of fat on your body. Or, you have had a child and are unable to restore your pre-pregnancy body with diet and exercise alone. If so, you may be a good candidate for body contouring with liposuction.

Beautiful Results Patient Models

Beautiful Results Before & After

Beautiful Results Before & After

What is the best lipo treatment?

Dr. Mohan employs a modern lipo technique known as tumescent liposuction. This involves infusing a solution of saline and local anesthetics into the area of fat before removing it. This technique results in much more efficient fat removal allowing our doctors to remove more fat in a very safe manner. It also provides for an easier, more comfortable recovery with less bruising.

Will liposuction make me thinner?

While liposuction can help to sculpt the body to a more desired appearance, it is not a substitute for proper nutrition and exercise. It is much more effective when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. We will discuss these issues with you during your consultation.

What will liposuction be like to experience?

Tumescent liposuction is done in an outpatient setting, with no need for a hospital stay. Our technique is geared to achieve a faster, more comfortable recovery. Most patients start to feel normal within a few days of the procedure. The incisions are barely visible. To allow the skin to tighten, you will need to wear a compression garment for several weeks. Please note that you must stop smoking for four weeks before and after all surgeries.

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Why choose CIARAVINO Total Beauty in Houston for liposuction?

If you have made the decision to do something effective about excess fat, you want the results to be beautiful, improve your quality of life, and leave you feeling more confident about your body and figure. When under the care of our doctors, your treatment will be performed with meticulous care and attention to detail.

You can expect superior results at CIARAVINO Total Beauty in Houston. We are proud of our reputation for excellence and how we care for our patients. The benefits of working with us include:

  • Our team of professionals are completely dedicated to providing a positive, empowering experience.
  • We listen closely to your personal aesthetic goals and will fully answer all your questions and concerns about the liposuction process.
  • We focus on providing the highest level of patient comfort and safety.
  • We deliver world-class results with our advanced liposuction treatments.

Will I have scars?

The incision sites where fat was extracted are extremely small and will heal on their own with no need for stitches, barely visible if at all. If you are tired of living with fatty areas on your body, you can trust the team at CIARAVINO Total Beauty to perform custom lipo correctly. While you will initially have some swelling, this diminishes quickly to reveal your newly-sculpted figure.

For more information, see Common Questions about Liposuction.

If you live in the Houston or Sugar Land, Texas area and are interested in liposuction, please contact us for a personal consultation.

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