Your eyes do more than help you see; they also shape the way you look. Self-expression is possible because of your eyes, which communicate how you’re feeling to the outside world. With age, however, the eyes begin to lose their natural glow. A loss of skin elasticity will cause tissues around the eyes to sag, obstructing your face and possibly impairing your vision.

One of the most efficient ways to improve tired eyes is to undergo surgery at Ciaravino Total Beauty, which is possible through blepharoplasty. Dr. Nguyen will help restore your eyes to look natural and youthful.

When Is Eyelid Surgery the Right Option?

With the popularity of injectable treatment, it’s easy to think you may not need to undergo surgery to rejuvenate your eyes, and that may, in fact, be true. Whether or not you receive eyelid surgery is a matter of the amount of skin hanging from your eyes.

Excess skin and fat can collect around your eyes, giving you a permanent expression of anger or exhaustion. You may not be making a good first impression or just feel self-conscious about the fact that you’re getting older. Either way, blepharoplasty can help.

Eyelid surgery is beneficial if your eyes look and feel puffy due to the loose skin or if there is no separation between your eye and the lid. Deep bags or dark circles can also be corrected with surgery along with skin that hangs below your eyes and impairs your vision.

Your Path Toward Total Rejuvenation

Like all surgical procedures, it’s important to determine the right technique for your face and characteristics. Depending on the amount of skin laxity present as well as your cosmetic goals, Dr. Nguyen will decide on the best way to perform blepharoplasty.

An examination of your facial structure and how you make facial expressions will help him create a treatment plan customized for you. Dr. Nguyen may also recommend additional surgical procedures if he feels it will provide the best possible outcome. Facelift, neck lift and brow lift are easily combinable with blepharoplasty to help your facial features look uniformly youthful.

The procedure itself can rejuvenate both the upper and lower eyelids. Typically, for blepharoplasty on the upper lid, Dr. Nguyen will create an incision in the eyelid crease. When enhancing the lower lid, he will make an incision on the lower lash line. Regardless of how the incisions are made, they are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible so that they blend in easily with your eyes.

After creating all necessary incisions, Dr. Nguyen will have access to the underlying tissues around the eye. He will remove all excess tissue and fat to tighten the skin and lift the region around the eye. Once you fully recover from surgery, you will notice that you appear more alert and rested as opposed to angry and tired.

If you’re curious about how blepharoplasty can benefit you, contact Ciaravino Total Beauty at 713-627-1200 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Nguyen.