There are many aspects of facial rejuvenation, depending on the degree of aging you experience. As you get older, you’ll begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles that take away from the youthful appearance that you’re used to.

If you’re growing concerned about getting older, it may be time to consider the benefits of cosmetic enhancement. Through facelift surgery at Ciaravino Total Beauty, you can restore your natural youthful qualities.

Dr. Phi specializes in the aesthetic of the face and understands how to use his artistic skill and surgical precision to create a unique result for you. Your results will look completely natural but entirely refreshed.

Should You Receive a Facelift?

There are more ways than just surgery to improve your appearance, but for a comprehensive approach to your aging facial features, a facelift might be the best method. A facelift will tighten the skin around the upper, middle and lower regions of the face. By removing excess tissue and lifting the skin already present, lines, wrinkles and sagging features will disappear.

Simply put: a facelift will make you feel beautiful. If you are struggling with the changes happening to your appearance as you age, surgery is an effective and popular solution. With the proper lifestyle habits, a facelift can last for over 10 years and help you look years younger than you truly are.

A facelift will benefit you if you are willing to receive some invasive techniques to produce the best possible result. A facelift will also involve some downtime, so it’s important to schedule your surgery for a time when you can recover fully.

Choosing Dr. Nguyen As Your Surgeon

For any surgical procedure to look beautiful, it must be planned with precision. By watching you speak and make facial expressions, Dr. Nguyen will evaluate the contours of your face to assess the degree of facial aging. He will also examine skin laxity along the mid and lower face, as well as the neck to determine whether you could benefit from additional facial rejuvenation procedures.

It’s not uncommon for facelift surgery to be combined with other procedures, like eyelid surgery, forehead and brow lift or neck lift. The purpose of several techniques is to create a result that looks uniform across your entire face and produces an aesthetic that lasts for years.

Both Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Ciaravino value the latest innovations in surgery and will apply the technique that suits your individual facial contours. Based on your face shape, cosmetic goals and characteristics, you may receive a traditional facelift or limited incision facelift. Other incisions may be included, especially if you are receiving additional procedures along with facelift surgery.

Regardless of the incision you receive, Dr. Nguyen will place them so that they are able to heal with as little scarring as possible. The goal is to produce a result that looks as if surgery hasn’t ever been performed, which requires the careful creation of incisions along the face.

You can learn more about facelift surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures by scheduling a complimentary consultation at Ciaravino Total Beauty. Call 713-627-1200 to find out whether a facelift is right for you.