Breast Augmentation Procedure and Recovery

What kind of surgical technique does Dr. Ciaravino use during the breast augmentation procedure?

Dr. Ciaravino uses a special surgical technique that allows for faster recovery from your breast augmentation procedure. This procedure is performed with special instruments designed to perform the breast augmentation in as gentle a manner as possible. Dr. Ciaravino makes a very small incision that is less than one inch long for saline breast implants. Silicone breast implants require a larger incision.

A pocket is created to insert the implant either behind the breast tissue or behind the pectoral muscle. Saline implants are then placed and filled to the desired volume. Silicone implants come prefilled and do not require them to be inflated. After assessing that the size and shape of the breasts are symmetrical, the incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. The entire surgery takes less than one hour.

What makes breast augmentation recovery different with Dr. Ciaravino?

Due to the gentle surgical technique Dr. Ciaravino uses, recovery is more comfortable and easier than with other techniques. After your incisions are closed, you are fitted with a surgical bra. There is no need for wraps or drains. A pain reliever is placed around the implant, and you are given a muscle relaxant and pain medication to help minimize discomfort. You are monitored in the recovery room until you are fully awake. After this brief observation, you will be ready to go home. Patients are instructed to massage the breast frequently; this helps to prevent scar tissue. Most women will be back to their regular routine in a matter of days.