After your eyes, the most noticeable feature on your face is your nose. If your nose is too large or if it appears crooked and has a bump or bulbous tip, it can easily shape the way you look. When you’re unhappy with your nose, your self-confidence suffers as a result, especially since you’re unable to hide your nose from sight.

Rhinoplasty is by far the most effective way to reshape the nose and improve your facial structure. By correcting the imperfections that are making you feel less attractive, you can regain your confidence and feel beautiful. Dr. Nguyen specializes in rhinoplasty and is capable of creating a slender and defined nose.

What Can Rhinoplasty Correct?

You may want to fix your nose for cosmetic purposes. A hump lining the bridge of your nose can easily make it appear larger than it is. An injury can also cause your nose to look crooked and obscure the symmetry of your face along with previous surgeries that haven’t created the results you are looking for. Any abnormality that detracts from your appearance can be corrected through rhinoplasty.

Surgery can also target functional concerns that make it difficult to breathe. A deviated septum is just one condition that can block one or both nasal passages and impair your quality of life. You may even have both cosmetic and structural concerns that you would like addressed with rhinoplasty.

Redefining Your Nasal Contour

Rhinoplasty is a highly individualized procedure, which means that your results need to match your facial structure and look completely natural. A consultation with Dr. Nguyen can help you narrow down your concerns and decide how you want to improve your nose.

Dr. Nguyen will examine your nose’s structure as it relates to the rest of your face. From there, he can create a surgical plan that provides facial symmetry. If you are receiving rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum, Dr. Nguyen will choose the incisional technique that he believes will produce the healthiest result.

Incisions for rhinoplasty are either open or closed. A closed incision is located within the nostrils and works to make corrections without leaving an external scar. An open incision is made along the skin that separates each nostril, called the columella. Typically, an open incision will provide better access to the underlying structures of the nose, but the technique chosen will depend on your cosmetic goals and are both effective.

Depending on your desires for treatment as well as your facial characteristics, you may decide to combine more than one surgical procedure with rhinoplasty. It’s not unheard of to undergo nose surgery along with additional facial rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. Nguyen will recommend the procedures that he finds will benefit your appearance and produce a beautiful result. Together, you can come up with a treatment plan that improves the shape of your nose and complements your face as a whole.

If you’re interested in finding out whether rhinoplasty is right for you, contact Ciaravino Total Beauty at 713-627-1200 and schedule a consultation.