CosmoPen Microneedling

In the natural process of aging, our skin produces less collagen – a vital component that keeps skin looking radiant, tight, and youthful. In addition, our skin doesn’t have the ability to transfer topical treatments to deeper layers of the skin. Dr. Ciaravino and the staff at Ciaravino Total Beauty are excited to offer CosmoPen — a new, state-of-the-art microneedling procedure that can gently stimulate collagen production, while creating microchannels in the skin to efficiently transport topical skin treatments past the outer, protective layer of skin into deeper layers, where it can work more effectively. For most patients, a series of CosmoPen microneedling treatments is just as effective as more invasive laser treatments, with less recovery time, downtime, and cost. It can be used alone, or with topical treatments, to eliminate scarring and reverse the signs of aging, leaving you with flawless, youthful, radiant skin.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a tool equipped with tiny needles to make micro punctures in the skin. The purpose of these punctures is to stimulate the tissue and create microchannels that funnel topical treatments through the epidermis (the outer, protective layer of skin) to deeper levels of the skin where these treatments can work more effectively. This mild trauma to the skin also activates a natural healing response in your body that breaks down scar tissue, builds new capillaries for improved blood flow and boosts the production of new, healthy collagen.

What is Special About CosmoPen Microneedling?

CosmoPen is the next generation of microneedling devices, with many new features that make it revolutionary for the treatment of scars and anti-aging.

  • CosmoPen makes tiny, precise, vertical microchannels in the skin. The vertical action of the needles means that less skin is removed during the microneedling process. Other microneedling devices unnecessarily remove larger pieces of skin, causing more damage to the epidermis and increasing your recovery and downtime. CosmoPen is gentle and effective, stimulating the skin without causing damage.
  • CosmoPen facilitates the transfer of topical skin treatments to the dermis. The microchannels allow the skin to absorb 80 percent of the topical product. This is significant, as patients who utilize topical treatments without microneedling only absorb about three percent of said products.
  • CosmoPen consistently reaches the dermis, or middle layer of skin, where collagen production is stimulated.
  • CosmoPen is only slightly larger than a writing pen, making it easy to hold and maneuver across the treatment area.
  • The needle-head is compact, disposable, and consists of 12 tiny, 32-gauge needles. Because of its compact size, the needle-head can access hard-to-reach areas. You don’t have to worry about contamination from other patients, because the disposable head is replaced after every use. The speed (up to 110 cycles per second) and depth (0.25-2.5mm) are adjustable, which means that your trained therapist can make precise calibrations to optimally treat your condition.
  • CosmoPen is 20 percent faster than older microneedling devices, creating up to 1,300 microchannels per second. More microchannels mean more stimulation and access to deeper layers of the skin, making microneedling that much more effective in treating and beautifying your skin.

What Results Can I Expect from CosmoPen Microneedling?

After one treatment you can expect to see improvement in the overall radiance of your skin, as well as diminished scars and signs of aging. For optimal results, three to 10 treatments are recommended, with treatments spaced out every two weeks, depending on the size of the treatment area and severity of your condition. Treatments with CosmoPen will build upon one another—boosting collagen production, eliminating the appearance of scars and reversing the signs of aging. At the end of your treatment plan you will see flawless, radiant, younger looking skin.

What Can I Expect on the Day of Treatment?

On the day of your treatment you can expect a relaxing and virtually pain-free experience. A topical numbing cream will be applied to ease discomfort. Then the trained therapist will glide the CosmoPen over the treatment area in a continuous motion for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. The microneedling portion of your treatment is complete. At this time, a topical skin care treatment is often applied to take advantage of the microchannels created by the CosmoPen. Sunscreen will be applied, and you are free to return to your normal activities.

Recovery and Downtime

Immediately following your CosmoPen microneedling session, you can expect the treatment area to be slightly red, and you may feel as if you have a mild sunburn. These symptoms usually diminish within 24 hours and won’t interfere with your normal activities. The microchannels will close 20 minutes after microneedling, and then you can apply makeup to hide any temporary redness caused by the treatment. With CosmoPen microneedling you achieve results comparable to a more invasive laser treatment without the recovery or downtime.

Is CosmoPen Microneedling Right for Me?

CosmoPen microneedling can be utilized by women and men of all skin types. While it can be used anywhere on the body, it is most frequently used on the face and scalp. If you have scars from acne, burns, or injuries, CosmoPen microneedling is an effective, non-invasive treatment to eliminate them and restore your skin to an even, beautiful tone. If you are seeking to reverse the signs of aging and restore a rejuvenated, youthful glow to your skin, CosmoPen microneedling can deliver radiant results with no downtime.

If you are searching for a minimally invasive skin care treatment that can improve the appearance, tone and texture of your skin without significant downtime, CosmoPen may be the answer. Call Ciaravino Total Beauty today at 713-627-1200 to schedule a consultation and find out if CosmoPen is right for you.