After Breast Surgery

It is important that you are comfortable after your breast surgery procedure. While it will take a little while before you are back to your regular schedule, there are certain things you can do so that your post-op healing goes as well as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about your breast augmentation procedure, contact the office of Dr. Michael Ciaravino as soon as possible.

  • Schedule – Your follow-up appointments will be at approximately 1 week and 3 months after surgery. This may vary for out-of-town patients.
  • Activity – Take it easy for the first few days following surgery. You may resume light activities such as walking or light lifting (under 20 lbs.) as you feel comfortable. Avoid aerobic activities which raise your heart rate for the first 4 weeks. At 4 weeks you may exercise at 100% intensity. I recommend not doing exercises which use your chest muscles (such as push-ups or bench press) as this could shift the implants. You may drive when you feel capable but not under the influence of pain medication. Sex can be resumed at your discretion (gentle on the breasts). Most patients return to work within a few days.
  • Medications – Once you are home, eat something light (whatever you prefer) and begin taking your medication as prescribed (see instruction sheet).
  • Bra – After surgery, you will be placed in a surgical bra which you should wear for the first two weeks. You may remove this occasionally during the day to massage. After this you may switch to bras of your choice. Look for one that is comfortable and gives good support. Underwires are OK.  It is extremely important that you wear a good support bra to help your breasts maintain their shape over time and we also recommend always wearing a light supportive top to sleep in.
  • Incision – After two weeks remove the tape from your incision and begin applying Scarfade gel. There are no sutures to remove, they will dissolve over time.
  • Bathing – Try and keep the tape on your incisions dry for the first two weeks. It is OK if the tape gets a little damp. Shower to your back but do not soak in the tub or pool water.
  • Massage – Begin after follow up visit. The goal is to move the implants to prevent capsular contraction and keep the breasts soft.

Here are two recommended techniques: (1) Move the entire breast and implant toward the midline to develop cleavage, hold for five seconds and repeat several times. (2) Apply gentle pressure with the palm of your hand to compress the implant against your chest. Hold and repeat.

You should massage three to four times a day for five minutes each time, for the first three months.

  • What to expect – Initially, the implants will seem high and tight. A moderate amount discomfort is to be expected for the first few days. This will improve daily. It is not unusual for the two breasts to differ in how they look, feel, and settle in the early phase. Be patient. Don’t expect much change the first week. By the second week they start to soften and by three months they are usually settled.
  • Warning signs – Excessive swelling or severe bruising on one side, extreme redness, or fever over 102.  Please call the office immediately if you experience any of these.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here or would like more information about what to do after breast augmentation surgery, please contact experienced Houston-area plastic surgeon Dr. Ciaravino for a consultation.